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The fire of London and the 5000m World Challenge

Sunday, October 18th, 2015

What another exciting week in The Kestrels!

We ran the 5000m World Challenge.  Each child ran 200m and then passed a batton to the next child.  26 children ran 200m so we ran just over 5000m!



On Tuesday each child made a 1666  040   house.  We looked at original houses at the time of the Fire of London and then on Wednesday we set them out in the playground as Pudding Lane.  The fire started in the bakers ( made by Olivia) and spread throughout the street.  We had buckets of water in hand, just in case!  We also wrote diaries based on our book, Toby and the Great Fire of London.

And on Fri048day, we all came dressed as a book character to celebrate the first birthday of our library.  Happy Birthday, the Library!


A visit from the fire engine

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Our topic on Fire continues to be exciting.  We are now learning about the Fire of London through our book, Toby and the Great Fire of London.  The fire engine visited and we learnt about fighting fires today and in the past.

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