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Making castles and jousting shelters

Friday, March 18th, 2016

Our wonderful topic – Dungeons and Dragons continues to inspire.

We have had a DT afternoon making castles with a pull up portcullis and a moving drawbridge, and this week we had a science afternoon investigating which was the best material to cover a shelter at a jousting competition.  The children had 4 different materials that they had to test to see if they were waterproof!

The children have written amazing dragon descriptions, sent a persuasive letter to Mrs Rushton, inviting her to our feast, learnt two medieval dances, listened to medieval instruments and had a go at using percussion instruments that would have been used in medieval times to accompany some medieval music.  They even practised jousting, ready for our banquet!


Exercise is good for us!

Friday, March 18th, 2016

We have had a sporty two weeks in The Kestrels with a trip to our local secondary school, SWR, last Wednesday for an afternoon of multiskills sports with other local schools. Over 100 chidren had fun taking part in sporting activities set by the Young Sports Leaders at SWR.

And today… everybody in The Kestrels ran a mile for Sport Relief!

Ms McKenzie says

“I am proud of your preseverence and determination to run 4 times round the field to raise money for children who aren’t as lucky as you- well done everybody.”


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Maths Day

Sunday, March 6th, 2016

The Kestrels joined with the whole school to celebrate World Book Day dressed up as characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  This year the focus was maths and everbody had great fun solving chocolate themed maths problems.  The Kestrels began their day in the garden on the maths trail.  They really had to think how to solve the problems.  It was wonderful to see them making hexagonal shapes from sticks longer than a metre!  Well done!  Next we had a relaxing half hour listening to chapters from Charlie and The Chcolate Factory whilst sat round the fire pit.  We ended our outdoor learning by toasting marshmellows and making smores!

Back in the classroom there were three problems to solve:  Problem 1 was weighing packets/bars of chocolate and sweeties and then ordering them from the heaviest to the lightest.  Problem 2 was doubling and halving the ingredients for a chocolate cake and problem 3 was investigating the contents of a smartie box!  An amazing amount of maths came out of that!  What marvelous mathematicians we have!

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