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Our trip to Gigg Mill and Dunkirk Mill

Friday, September 30th, 2016

The Kestrels have been learning all about what it was like to work in a mill in the olden days.  We had a fantastic trip down the road at Nailsworth.  We watched a lady spinning on a spinning wheel, had a go at weaving, watched the looms in action and saw the water wheel turn the machines to make felt.

Best bit:  we learnt that the wool used to be washed in wee to clean it!!

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Putting Avening on the map!

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

The Kestrels have been busy geographers this week.  They looked at planet earth and zoomed into Avening!  They followed a map around the village on a treasure hunt. They had to find water pumps, houses, signs, a bridge, a steam, a church…  All the groups found all 28 clues and won a golden chocolate bar!

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Friday, September 16th, 2016

It was a fantastic week to be learning about weather as we had a thunderstorm, a rare weather event in Avening!

The Kestrels went out cloud-spotting and then used their imagination to write a class poem.  Here it is!


A Magic Cloud

It’s a puff of smoke.

It’s a dust of volcano.

It’s a ball in a pool.

It’s a spaceship landing.


It’s a lightning shape.

It’s a forest.

It’s a giant’s castle.

It’s a big wave.


It’s a shark in the distance.

It’s a swirl of wind.

It’s a big bird.

It’s the world spinning.


It’s a jaguar roaring.

It’s a mashed potato.

It’s a secret castle hidden in the blue.

It’s a snowman.


It’s a mountain high.

It’s a big fish.

It’s a sharp arrow.

It’s a rock pool.


It’s a massive dragon.

It’s a yellow sun.

It’s a magic cloud!




Growing our Brains!

Friday, September 9th, 2016

In the first week back The Kestrels have been learning all about growing their brains.

Ms McKenzie brought in 2 machines – A Growing Your Brain Machine and a Not Growing Your Brain Machine. The children filled 10 cups with popcorn.  Each of the cups had a label on and the children had to decide which machine to pour the cupful of popcorn into.  They decided that the cups labelled: making a mistake, trying again, keeps practising, tries a challenge and believes you can get better at something should be poured into The Growing Our Brain Machine.

The children decided the cups labelled: rushes work, doesn’t listen, giving up, always likes to be right and likes easy work should go into The Not Growing Our Brain Machine.

Ms McKenzie then switched on The Growing Our Brain Machine and after a couple of minutes the popcorn kernels grew into a brain shape! The Kestrels are now going to work really hard on growing their brains!

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