Home School Week 6

The Kestrels have continued to work hard at home this week. Oscar has been learning to play badminton and showed lots of perseverance to improve his skills. There has been lots of science going on with experiments using cress, studying plants and finding fossils. Some Kestrels have been cooking and creating some very cheerful pizzas. There has also been some very creative art work to make a fabulous rainbow and a colourful Elmer. Iris was also very creative after her scavenger hunt walk. She created Spider-bot! Some people have been finding out about animals and using their knowledge to write some super riddles. Well done everyone!

Corey has written a riddle. Leave a comment if you think you have worked out which animal it is.

I have 4 legs

I have a cute face

I am endangered

I have fur

I am white and black

I am from China I eat bamboo leaves

What am I?

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  1. Oscar O Says:

    I think it is a panda, good clues Corey.

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