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Home School Week 12

Monday, June 22nd, 2020

Corey has begun the week concentrating really well and completing his English lesson on Oak Academy. Great effort Corey! Jojo has also been enjoying the online lessons and worked really hard on his writing. Very impressive! There has also been some super science going on at home with rain gauges and hoglets! Will has been doing a great amount of work about Antarctica including instructions on making an igloo and creating a postcard to send. Brilliant effort!

Home School Week 11

Monday, June 8th, 2020

This week Iris has been very busy learning about the body. She has also been looking after the tomatoes and runner beans she has planted and is looking forward to cooking with them. In the kitchen, she has been very busy creating a variety of meals and snacks which have been delicious! Other Kestrels have been enjoying their online lessons, learning about bees and teaching tennis to a teddy!

Home School Week 10

Thursday, June 4th, 2020

There has been some marvellous learning going on at home this week. Jojo and Sam have been working on their maths skills by learning to count in 5s and remember their number facts. Some Kestrels have been using their maths skills to measure ingredients and make cakes which look delicious! Milou has created her ‘heart of kindness’ which is lovely to see as well as creating a sound map. Ilyas has written a riddle. I wonder who can solve it? Leave a comment if you think you know the mystery animal.

I am a beautiful mammal.

I have four leg and two eyes.

I like to swim and be on my own.

If you look closely, I have teeth as sharp as swords.

I live in the Americas in forests.

For my food, I love to eat frogs, deer and crocodiles.

I am the third biggest cat.

What am I?

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